MDF pedestals – innovation in retail product display solutions

The marketing world is changing…

MDF pedestals – innovative retail display solution.

These displays can be easily arranged and configured any way that the shop desires, easily transformed into any shape, based on the current promotional campaign.
Nowadays, retail supermarkets are looking for new, cost-effective ways to effectively emphasise their products. Marketing specialists have tried hundreds, if not thousands, various display solutions.

SprintLab has decided to go with the recent trends, thus, the production of the MDF pedestals has begun.

The pedestals come fully assembled, made out of 10mm thick, colored MDF material.

MDF material is extremely smooth by itself, which means that you don’t have to worry about the knots on the surface. MDF is very consistent throughout, so cut edges appear smooth and won’t have voids or splinters.

The fact that our MDF pedestals are made out of 10mm thick material, makes sure that the box is not very heavy, compared to using other, thicker materials.

Custom sizes and colors are available on request.

Feel free to ask us more questions about the MDF pedestals!

Street food trailers and mobile cafes production

Mobile bistro, pizza truck, bar on wheels- mobile catering is fantastic option even for small bussiness owner to start their journey in food industry. For existing market players  (restaraunt chains, petrol stations etc.)- it’s a great/cheap way on how to expand their bussiness.

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Wooden boxes for home and retail

Wooden boxes – new product in our selection. Wooden boxes for retail purposes, as well as home and personal use. All the wooden box models that we produce can be ordered both assembled and disassembled (DIY), which can be painted, stained or customised manually. In cooperation with wooden specialists, we have developed 7 different wooden box models, as well as constantly working on supplying custom wooden products.

Wooden box – a product that is known and has been tested for thousands of years. Nowadays, wooden boxes are not only used for storage and household use, but also for:

  1. Vintage style furniture production
  2. Retail stand and product placement display
  3. Decoration
  4. Gift packaging

New product in the wooden box industry which was developed by our specialists. DIY models (“Do It Yourself”), which can be assembled by anyone, manually, following the instruction manual.

The benefits of such DIY boxes are:

  1. Relatively cheap price, especially due to the reduced transportation costs.
  2. The box can be painted manually, in any chosen color.
  3. Great product for people that like to get involved in the production process themselves.

Wooden boxes can be processed and produced in multiple different ways, which will help them adjust into any interior.

Popular processes involve:

  1. Paint – colors can be personalised to your liking.
  2. Wood stain – similar to paint, however wood staining allows the wood to keep its natural look.
  3. Aged wooden boxes – making the wooden planks look aged and more authentic.
  4. Burned wooden boxes – emphasising the natural look of the wood, showing off its texture.


Make your interior stylish and interesting, your presents nicely presented, your products safely and nicely displayed; as well as decorate your garden in a modern way! Contact our specialist team at SprintLab and find out more about acquiring your perfect wooden box!


Cheap cardboard stands – ready-made solutions, no cutting form, quick to make, minimal print area and extremely affordable price. Such carton stands are required for short-term advertising activities.

Large low-budget cardboard stand – sized at 40x60cm with a height of 160cm. Possibility to produce the stand without any personalisation in order to save costs. (Product info/design on the top sign of the stand)

Small low-budget cardboard stand – sized at 20x30cm with a height of 150cm. Possibility to produce the stand without any personalisation in order to save costs. (Product info/design on the top sign of the stand)


Take advantage of the affordable cardboard stand solutions, contact us at: Riga, Latvia.

Custom Catalogue printing for your business

In the so called digital era catalogues still have a big value for customers and companies – it is viewable at any time or place (unlike internet catalogues), whenever there is a need. Catalogues are one of the bonds between the client and the company, that helps the client to learn about the goods, that the company has to offer and potentially improve their sales. Catalogue printing is quite a complicated process, that is why it is recommended to do all the things in one place.


Product catalogue helps to get in touch with the products that company has to offer and it can improve the sales results if the products are displayed in a favorable presentation. That is why, the quality of the product photography is very important, because the client would usually select the products based on the visual information provided. The next aspect, is the conceptional design and the layout composition of the catalogue. Design accents, positioning of certain goods, promotions, merchandise, news, old collection of items on sale, where the design and layout is intended to attract users to the catalogue parts that are important.                                                                                                                                                Product catalogue printing – what should we pay attention to? First it is necessary to divide the process into these important stages:

  • Selection of products;
  • Product photography;
  • Design concept – designing the cover page and the inside layout;
  • Layout – processing pictures, text layout;
  • Proofreading and text editing;
  • Choosing the right paper for the cover and inside pages;
  • Printing out a sample of the catalogue to visually verify the quality;
  • Catalogue printing – finished order;
  • Printing of the addresses, in a special facility using a previously prepared database, ready to be packed;
  • Wrapping and packing of the catalogues;
  • Catalogue sorting in individual bundles, based on postal index;
  • Catalogue delivery to the distribution centre;


Choosing to order your catalogues at Sprintlab, the customer has the opportunity to receive a full service package at one place- starting with product photography, design and layout to the printed catalogue delivery to the customers door. Thanks to our trustworthy relationship with printing companies, envelope factories and mail packing service operators we can surely state that the product catalogue printing will be done quickly and successfully, highlighted by the most important criteria: Price, quality and execution speed.
We will be happy to assist and provide a consultation to you about catalogue and magazine layout design and printing.

We will be pleased to become your partners and assist you with the production of your perfect catalogue! Send us an inquiry!

Innovative & cost effective retail product placement stands

Wooden pallet collar stands

Product placement solutions inside retail shops

Agency Sprintlab is producing shop equipment from natural wood – mainly shop stands and pallet edges and various additional elements. These products are widely distributed in Scandinavia and also this product obtained the rapid popularity in European supermarket equipment requirement thanks to the following advantages:

  • Easily dismountable and collapsible for store employees without special instructions
  • Take up little space during transport and storage warehouse.
  • We use natural wood and friendly water-based paints.
  • Easy to repair and replace damaged parts.
  • There are no problems with the disposal of their end of life.

With these advantages in your supermarket will save significant human resources, reduce logistics volumes and ultimately it is an opportunity to earn more.

The main part of the billboard – painted pallet collars

Colored pallet frames

Pallet collars are used as comfortable and compact storage for your warehouse, as well as safe and sturdy packing solution during transport, which last for a long time and can be used multiple times.

Usually, pallet collars are produced the same size as the pallet itself, when opened – the so called “pallet frames” can be sized at 120×80 cm, 80×60 cm, 60×40 cm. The pallet frames could also be bigger, making them non standard pallet frames – produced specially for you.

Thanks to the special pallet frame hinges and accessorries, the pallet boards are precisely placed on a pallet, with the hinges holding the pallet frames in place. This allows the pallet boards to be placed one on top of another, as tall as it is necessary, creating a rather tall box. Such boxes, made out of pallet frames, are mostly used in:

  1. Warehouses and warehouse type shops.
  2. Transporting small and fragile objects.
  3. Self-serving shops and supermarket equipment.

The common wood that is being used for the production of the pallet frames is pinewood. Standard height of the frame is 19.5cm. There is an option to have various types of collars.

High quality, single plank of wood.
High quality, the frame is glued from 2 pieces.

Lower quality – the collar can have small defects on the inside.

The pallet collars are a long-term solution and is dependent on the usage. If used with care, it can last more than 10 years.

Biodegradable shopping bags/biobags

An invention that will help to reduce environmental pollution are biodegradable plastic shopping bags. Nowadays plastic bags are becoming more environmentally friendly and, most likely will lose their role as the most frequently mentioned polluter.

There are two types of biodegradable bags offered by the most advanced bag manufacturers.

  1. Biodegradable shopping bags, which naturally decompose completely since they are 100% composed of natural raw materials such as corn, grain or potato starch. When such biobags are thrown in the garbage or when they reach soil, thanks to the presence of micro-organisms and at a specific temperature and humidity they completely decomposes within 4-6 weeks.
  2. The other way is closer to the traditional plastic or polyethylene bags. These bags are made of polymers, such as PE (polyethylene), PP (polypropylene) and PS (polystyrene), and differ in that a specific bio additive which helps to decompose the bag (it is called OXI additive) is added. It should be noted, however, that these bags are not completely biodegradable, as the additives in the plastic structure make it unstable and let it decompose faster, depending on the amount of OXI additives – ranging from half to two years. When exposed to oxygen, the bags mechanically divide into very fine dust particles, but they do not turn into organic substances.


In order to inform consumers that they are offered biodegradable bags, it is recommended to note the expiration date or time when the bag will begin the process of decomposition. Otherwise, using the bag again after a couple of months will substantially reduce it resistance. It may happen, that bags are stored in the store’s stock far too long, and the process of degradation of bioplastics has already begun, so storing them for long periods is not recommended.

If the trader chooses environmentally friendly packaging, he show his concern regarding the environment, thereby forcing others to think about this important issue. The distribution of conventional plastic bags will, however, eventually be banned or limited in stores, as it is already accepted in several European countries. In recent years, the European Parliament has adopted increasingly tougher decisions in relation to the consumption of plastic bags. It is likely that very soon biodegradable shopping bags will be a very good alternative to completely banning out plastic bags and thereby substantially reducing the amount of plastic waste.

According to specialist studies, plastic packaging constitutes around one third of all waste. A large proportion constitutes of plastic or popularly called polyethylene bags. After interviewing people, it was concluded that 9 out of 10 plastic bags are used only once before becoming waste, while their degradation in nature lasts even hundreds of years.

Modern technologies are unstoppably evolving and researchers are constantly finding new ways to make the world a better place. Solar cells, electric cars, environmentally friendly washing powders – these are just some attributes of the green direction, which will certainly help us to save the planet from pollution.

SprintLab calls everyone to be responsible and to choose biodegradable bags! This is an essentially simple choice which makes an important contribution to maintaining a clean and healthy ecosystem.

Ask us all about biodegradable bags, e-mail:

Direct mail printing and packing service

Thanks to our trustoworthy relationship with printing houses, envelope factories and mail packing service operators: we can ensure a full service in regards to direct mail requests.

Benefits to you:

  • All services combined in one place
  • Specialist consultation for cost efficient solutions
  • Wide range of nonstandard solutions


Even though we live in a digital age, one of the most efficient advertising tool remains the tangible sending of the message, using the direct mail or page mail service. Our company ensures small and large quantity realisation of your direct mail campaign. Our direct mail service includes:

  • Direct mail design and content development
  • Production of the direct mail advertising masterials (loyalty cards, greeting cards, invitations, notices, advertising leaflets)
  • Automatised printing of postal stamps and addresses
  • Sorting of the letters according to the postal address
  • Logistics – delivering your direct mail to the postal office
  • Envelope personalisation
  • Automatised packaging

Send your inquiries regarding direct mail to our e-mail:

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