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In the so called digital era catalogues still have a big value for customers and companies – it is viewable at any time or place (unlike internet catalogues), whenever there is a need. Catalogues are one of the bonds between the client and the company, that helps the client to learn about the goods, that the company has to offer and potentially improve their sales. Catalogue printing is quite a complicated process, that is why it is recommended to do all the things in one place.


Product catalogue helps to get in touch with the products that company has to offer and it can improve the sales results if the products are displayed in a favorable presentation. That is why, the quality of the product photography is very important, because the client would usually select the products based on the visual information provided. The next aspect, is the conceptional design and the layout composition of the catalogue. Design accents, positioning of certain goods, promotions, merchandise, news, old collection of items on sale, where the design and layout is intended to attract users to the catalogue parts that are important.                                                                                                                                                Product catalogue printing – what should we pay attention to? First it is necessary to divide the process into these important stages:

  • Selection of products;
  • Product photography;
  • Design concept – designing the cover page and the inside layout;
  • Layout – processing pictures, text layout;
  • Proofreading and text editing;
  • Choosing the right paper for the cover and inside pages;
  • Printing out a sample of the catalogue to visually verify the quality;
  • Catalogue printing – finished order;
  • Printing of the addresses, in a special facility using a previously prepared database, ready to be packed;
  • Wrapping and packing of the catalogues;
  • Catalogue sorting in individual bundles, based on postal index;
  • Catalogue delivery to the distribution centre;


Choosing to order your catalogues at Sprintlab, the customer has the opportunity to receive a full service package at one place- starting with product photography, design and layout to the printed catalogue delivery to the customers door. Thanks to our trustworthy relationship with printing companies, envelope factories and mail packing service operators we can surely state that the product catalogue printing will be done quickly and successfully, highlighted by the most important criteria: Price, quality and execution speed.
We will be happy to assist and provide a consultation to you about catalogue and magazine layout design and printing.

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