Innovative & cost effective retail product placement stands

Wooden pallet collar stands

Product placement solutions inside retail shops

Agency Sprintlab is producing shop equipment from natural wood – mainly shop stands and pallet edges and various additional elements. These products are widely distributed in Scandinavia and also this product obtained the rapid popularity in European supermarket equipment requirement thanks to the following advantages:

  • Easily dismountable and collapsible for store employees without special instructions
  • Take up little space during transport and storage warehouse.
  • We use natural wood and friendly water-based paints.
  • Easy to repair and replace damaged parts.
  • There are no problems with the disposal of their end of life.

With these advantages in your supermarket will save significant human resources, reduce logistics volumes and ultimately it is an opportunity to earn more.

The main part of the billboard – painted pallet collars

Colored pallet frames

Pallet collars are used as comfortable and compact storage for your warehouse, as well as safe and sturdy packing solution during transport, which last for a long time and can be used multiple times.

Usually, pallet collars are produced the same size as the pallet itself, when opened – the so called “pallet frames” can be sized at 120×80 cm, 80×60 cm, 60×40 cm. The pallet frames could also be bigger, making them non standard pallet frames – produced specially for you.

Thanks to the special pallet frame hinges and accessorries, the pallet boards are precisely placed on a pallet, with the hinges holding the pallet frames in place. This allows the pallet boards to be placed one on top of another, as tall as it is necessary, creating a rather tall box. Such boxes, made out of pallet frames, are mostly used in:

  1. Warehouses and warehouse type shops.
  2. Transporting small and fragile objects.
  3. Self-serving shops and supermarket equipment.

The common wood that is being used for the production of the pallet frames is pinewood. Standard height of the frame is 19.5cm. There is an option to have various types of collars.

High quality, single plank of wood.
High quality, the frame is glued from 2 pieces.

Lower quality – the collar can have small defects on the inside.

The pallet collars are a long-term solution and is dependent on the usage. If used with care, it can last more than 10 years.

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