Wooden boxes for home and retail

Wooden boxes – new product in our selection. Wooden boxes for retail purposes, as well as home and personal use. All the wooden box models that we produce can be ordered both assembled and disassembled (DIY), which can be painted, stained or customised manually. In cooperation with wooden specialists, we have developed 7 different wooden box models, as well as constantly working on supplying custom wooden products.

Wooden box – a product that is known and has been tested for thousands of years. Nowadays, wooden boxes are not only used for storage and household use, but also for:

  1. Vintage style furniture production
  2. Retail stand and product placement display
  3. Decoration
  4. Gift packaging

New product in the wooden box industry which was developed by our specialists. DIY models (“Do It Yourself”), which can be assembled by anyone, manually, following the instruction manual.

The benefits of such DIY boxes are:

  1. Relatively cheap price, especially due to the reduced transportation costs.
  2. The box can be painted manually, in any chosen color.
  3. Great product for people that like to get involved in the production process themselves.

Wooden boxes can be processed and produced in multiple different ways, which will help them adjust into any interior.

Popular processes involve:

  1. Paint – colors can be personalised to your liking.
  2. Wood stain – similar to paint, however wood staining allows the wood to keep its natural look.
  3. Aged wooden boxes – making the wooden planks look aged and more authentic.
  4. Burned wooden boxes – emphasising the natural look of the wood, showing off its texture.


Make your interior stylish and interesting, your presents nicely presented, your products safely and nicely displayed; as well as decorate your garden in a modern way! Contact our specialist team at SprintLab and find out more about acquiring your perfect wooden box!

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